Our Services

eTownz offer a range of services for people in the community development sector. Our four main functions of are:

Community Dashboards

A digital dashboard to allow communities to co-create and manage their community plans

Training & Facilitation Programs

We provide a range of training and community facilitation programs to support a more effective approach to local development

Community Websites

We create engaging, multi-user, and multi-functional community websites

Research & Data

Over 10 years experience working with research partners across the EU with an emphasis on community development and digital process automation

Our Team

What Our Clients Say

Community rejuvenation, development and sustainability are increasingly key issues of concern within both a community and policy context, not only from an Irish perspective, but also on an international basis. Having carried out extensive work within the context of community and rural development, the issues that lie ahead are not, should communities initiate change for survival, but how do they go about doing this? eTownz are developing a holistic online platform that will allow communities, not only to explore the advantage and disadvantages of their community, but also to provide a clear direction of progression into the future. eTownz is both innovative and novel, has an identifiable market within Ireland and beyond and can assist in bringing local, small or large communities into an age where the internet can play a key role in igniting community development and sustainability.

Dr. Maura Farrell

I would like to give my recommendation to Pat Kennedy and all the team at eConcepts / eTownz. I have worked with them on different web development, design and data-related projects and I found them to be extremely knowledgeable of digital services and how to bring together many aspects of a project to deliver a seamless end solution. We are currently actively working with them on two projects and look forward to working with them in the future on various projects. UL is a forward-thinking university and it’s so important that the research methodologies and findings are distributed in a coherent and suitable manner to the target audience and eConcepts / eTownz use all their experience in this area to great effect.

Maura Adshead

The Wheel has worked with eConcepts/eTownz for the past number of years on website projects such as National Rural Network, Spark Change, and a variety of research projects in the community development sector. eTownz provides a unique style of services that combines a deep understanding of the community development sector and digital processes automation tools. The team provides extremely valuable services to our organisation and I highly recommend a similar eTownz.

Hugh O’Reilly

Changing Ireland is a print magazine for the community development sector in Ireland and up until recently had a relatively poor website presence. Pat and his team carefully went through our requirements for a clean, categorised, visually impressive, and easy to update site. Pat has also acted as an author in a number of articles related to the digital services and community development sector. The guys at eTownz provide a unique mix of skills, they are very important to our organisation and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Allen Meagher

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