Smart Rural 27

Partners: E40, Empirica, IFLS, Agri. University of Athens, Innovatiesteunpunt


eTownz are principal partners on a 3- year EU research project to develop case studies, policy best practices in the emerging area of “Smart Villages”. Click here

This project is a sister project of Smart Rural 21. The project takes a top down approach to analysing and understanding the potential opportunities and challenges of Smart Villages in upcoming EU funded programs including CAP/LEADER

National Coordinator

eTownz are national coordinators, representing Ireland interests and managing feedback from Ireland.

Digital Process Tool

eTownz scoped and custom designed a Zoho Creator application to facilitate partners from all EU countries in the implementation and collection/collation of data


eTownz are digital experts on this project providing strategic advice and also presenting and facilitating workshops related to digitisation of communities


The 2nd Preparatory Action on Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century (shortly called Smart Rural 27 project) was launched by the European Commission in December 2020 with the aim to “prepare Member States and rural communities for the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post-2020 as well as other EU policies and initiatives, which could potentially support the emergence of additional Smart Villages across the European Union”.


The Smart Rural 27 project strongly builds on previous ‘smart’ actions, such as the Smart Eco-social Villages Pilot Project and the Smart Rural 21 project.

My name is Edina Ocsko and I am the Founding Director of E40 Group. E40 combines the skills and experience of dynamic professionals with many years experience and a shared philosophy in how to facilitate European networking and exchange. We have been actively collaborating with eTownz on developing digital tools and databases for the EU-wide Smart Village Network and more recently on an EU-funded project on promoting smart rural areas across Europe. We got to know Pat as a professional and highly creative person with innovative ideas on supporting local community development through digital technologies. Pat and his team always bring great energy to our work and we look forward to our continued cooperation.

Edina Ocsko

Managing Director E40 Group