Castletown Smart Community Development Plan

Partners: Laios City Council

Worked with Castletown to co-create a Smart Community Action Plan. Click here


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This project involved working with the community to develop a locally led community plan, help develop ideas, through local training and mentoring, and encourage participation in the newly refurbished community hall and encourage greater cooperation among local community groups.

Laois Partnership has hired the services of eTownz for a variety of different projects over the past 8 years. We have found eTownz to be professional, knowledgeable, and provide an innovative approach to local development. I would foresee the significant potential for eTownz and the eTownz community development tools in the coming year. The relatively new concept of "Smart Towns and Villages" is a concept which seeks to provide a more data and evidence-based approach to local development and is being heavily championed at EU level by the EU commissioners and relevant departments most especially ENRD which is related to the leader development funding mechanism used across Europe. The Irish government, local councils, and local development companies such as Laois Partnership company are also embracing the concepts behind Smart Villages and eTownz are developing tools that could greatly support the roll-out of smart communities in Ireland and across Europe.

Mark Clancy

Laois Partnership