Smart Village Training Program

About Smart Village Training


eTownz, in association with ten Local Development Companies, is providing Smart Village Training to communities across Ireland. Visit the pages of the Local Development Companies on the website to learn about training opportunities in your area.

Smart Village Curriculum


eTownz were commissioned to write a curriculum on the Smart Village approach by 16 Local Development Companies. 

Training & Support


~40 Communities
9 LDC regions
7 Training partners
~200 Trainees
+150 Training sessions

eTownz Digital Dashboard


eTownz developed a digital dashboard that helps communities build and shape their dynamic community plans. 


Smart Villages are communities in rural areas that use innovative solutions to improve their resilience, building on local strengths and opportunities.

Sixteen local development companies around Ireland commissioned the creation of the Smart Village Curriculum by eTownz, and eTownz is providing training in the curriculum on behalf of ten of these local development companies.

The curriculum consists of six 90-minute modules that guide participants through the process of creating a Smart Village Plan, which is compiled using a workbook that is completed during the course.

The Smart Village Curriculum compiled by eTownz is a modular and pragmatic approach to local development where the town creates an interactive register for its local Assets, Stakeholders, Goals, Projects, and Metrics.
Once the plan is prepared it is reviewed annually in an inclusive manner by all local stakeholders. Each record and goal is reviewed annually moving projects through their lifecycle using metrics and community feedback to update the plan.

Each of the ten LDCs eTownz is providing training for will be identifying communities that wish to participate in the program and then seeking people from each community to participate in the interactive course. These participants will be the Smart Village champions in their communities, trained in bringing various stakeholders together and coordinating the program annually.