Limerick City Mayor Project, Citizen Engagement


Working alongside Dr Adshead we are in the process of presenting a report on Citizen Engagement. In this case the report is focused on how people can come together to determine the role of the Mayor in Limerick city.

Help scope & design the project methodology.

Working with representative groups in Limerick, assist in the roll out of the workshops.

To build & maintain the project website.

Data Analysis:
To collate the project results and build associated data visualizations to help understand the results.



Website Dev
eTownz Training & Facilitation Programs
eTownz Research & Data


The Limerick—Let’s Talk About our Mayor! The project provided a public consultation process in response to the result of a county-wide plebiscite in favour of establishing a Directly Elected Mayor (DEM) with executive powers for Limerick City and County. The process was designed to raise public awareness about the creation of a new kind of Mayor for Limerick, and to provide an opportunity for any associated challenges to be surfaced in advance of its establishment. The project aim was to provide a well-designed, creative and inclusive consultative process that could contribute added-value to existing developmental strategies in Limerick by creating a positive momentum for change. It was envisaged that a genuinely consultative process could help to build consensus about the potential and possibilities for the new role. 

The project is a community collaboration between a range of invested stakeholders representing Limerick residents across the county. These include: LCCC; Limerick Public Participation Network, Limerick Youth Service, CWELL, and the University of Limerick, with external support from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and eTownz—a digital development company focused on community development. 

I would like to give my recommendation to Pat Kennedy and all the team at eTownz. I have worked with them on different web development, design and data-related projects and I found them to be extremely knowledgeable of digital services and how to bring together many aspects of a project to deliver a seamless end solution. We are currently actively working with them on two projects and look forward to working with them in the future on various projects. UL is a forward-thinking university and it’s so important that the research methodologies and findings are distributed in a coherent and suitable manner to the target audience and eTownz use all their experience in this area to great effect.

Maura Adshead

Professor, University of Limerick