Community Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership & Lifeskills (Cwell)

Dr. Maura Adshead Department of Politics & Public Administration at University of Limerick Limerick City Council


This is a pioneering project which aims to develop a robust and repeatable framework for “Smart Engaged Communities”, focusing on community health issues and building strong partnerships.

Our Role:

Web: To develop & maintain the project website

Lecturing: To provide periodic lectures to CWELL students in methodologies related to digital communities and community profile using “Smart Communities” approach

Community Profiling & Dashboard: eTownz undertook analysis and profiling of participating communities in Limerick and provided an eTownz Dashboard for use by project students and participating communities.


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eTownz Training & Facilitation Programs
eTownz Research & Data


Together with Cwell, we are co-creating step by step digital tools and resources – for students involved in community engaged learning and for community partners – to design, deliver and evaluate community-university projects. We value the opportunity to evaluate these in real communities. During the two years of this project, Cwell students will collaborate with a number of community towns to co-design and deliver: community consultations, profiling, project planning, management and collaboration.

I would like to give my recommendation to Pat Kennedy and all the team at eTownz. I have worked with them on different web development, design and data-related projects and I found them to be extremely knowledgeable of digital services and how to bring together many aspects of a project to deliver a seamless end solution. We are currently actively working with them on two projects and look forward to working with them in the future on various projects. UL is a forward-thinking university and it’s so important that the research methodologies and findings are distributed in a coherent and suitable manner to the target audience and eTownz use all their experience in this area to great effect.

Maura Adshead

Professor, University of Limerick