Volunteering in Rural Ireland Research Report

Partner: Dr. Maura Farrell NUI Galway + Volunteer Ireland

Delivered hands-on field research combined with an analysis of existing data held by Volunteer Ireland to gather the evidence and gain better insight and understanding of the impact of rural volunteerism.


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Volunteer Ireland is delighted to partner with NUI Galway to present this report on the impact of volunteering on rural communities. Dr Maura Farrell of NUI Galway led the project by delivering hands-on field research combined with an analysis of existing data held by Volunteer Ireland. The research included a desk based survey followed by interviews with individuals in rural communities. While the report focuses on rural communities, volunteers make a significant impact across all communities in Ireland every day. The survey data along with the first hand experiences of those living in rural communities show that the impact of volunteering cannot be understated. In short, volunteering builds stronger communities.

Community rejuvenation, development and sustainability are increasingly key issues of concern within both a community and policy context, not only from an Irish perspective, but also on an international basis. Having carried out extensive work within the context of community and rural development, the issues that lie ahead are not, should communities initiate change for survival, but how do they go about doing this? eTownz are developing a holistic online platform that will allow communities, not only to explore the advantage and disadvantages of their community, but also to provide a clear direction of progression into the future. eTownz is both innovative and novel, has an identifiable market within Ireland and beyond and can assist in bringing local, small or large communities into an age where the internet can play a key role in igniting community development and sustainability.

Dr. Maura Farrell

NUI Galway