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Facts about Ringsend


have at least one motor car.


have no motor car.


travel to work by car.


travel to work on foot.


have a journey time under 30 minutes
(to work).


use natural gas for central heating.


use electricity for central heating.


are living in a household with
(at least) three rooms.


rented their homes.
8% from local authority.


are living alone.


are living with at least one other person.


are living with children.


of the families have more than one child.

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About Sustainable Energy Communities

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Sustainable Energy Communities Animation

All around Ireland a movement of Sustainable Energy Communities is growing. Groups where everyone works together across a network to develop a sustainable energy future for the benefit of their community. It’s a national movement with over 100 groups across the country.

SEAI has helped to build capacity through funding and support. Change the way your community thinks about energy.


Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

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SEAI in 2019

This year, SEAI are supporting 27 projects under the Communities scheme. €25.3 is the total government funding that will be invested across all projects. This will help support energy efficiency upgrades in 698 homes and 570 non domestic buildings. Total project costs will come to €65.8 million.

Cumulatively the programme has now supported upgrades in 18,200 homes and 2,570 non-domestic buildings.

  • 34,676 tonnes CO2 emission reductions annually
  • 122.5 GWh total energy credits saved (obligated energy suppliers)


Government grant funding in 2019


Supported projects in 2019


Tonnes of CO2 reduced annually

Projects & Measures

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Community projects have to demonstrate the following characteristics.


  • Community benefits
  • Multiple elements, not a single focus
  • Mix of sustainable solutions
  • A clear road map
  • Innovation and project ambition
  • Justified energy savings
  • An ability to deliver the project


Measures that could be supported through the Communities grant programme.


  • Building Fabric Upgrades
  • Technology and System upgrades
  • Integration of Control Systems
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Domestic Combined Fabric Upgrade
  • Single Building Demonstration projects will be considered under the Communities Grant.
Step 1

Step 1


Sign up and learn about community energy and start thinking about what you could do.

Step 2

Step 2


Make an energy future plan with your community. Our digital solutions will help you to make it easy as possible.

Step 3

Step 3


Together with your community you deciside which plan is the best to undertake. Afterwards identify grants or supports to help achieve your goal.

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299 Community Engergy Programs in Ireland

Here you can search for other Community Energy Programs that already exists all over the country. Just click on the map or on the button below.

    Sample Projects From Ireland

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    Kilkenny City Lighting Project

    Energy consumption for public lighting is over 50% of Kilkenny County Council’s energy spend. The savings achieved by the project have contributed towards the Council’s 2020 energy savings target of 33%.


    • 54% Annual energy savings
    • €2,100 Annual cost savings
    • 8kg Annual CO2 savings

    For more information please click here.

    Knocklyon Energy Community

    Knocklyon held a very successful community engagement event, completed their energy master plan and participated in the SEC pilot programme in 2018.


    • 50% Residential energy savings identified

    • 300 Lights Upgraded in St. Colmcilles’ School

    • 17 Opportunities identified for local businesses

    For more information please click here.

    Supports for Small Medium Enterprises in Ireland

    Save up to 30% on your energy bill through a range of energy efficiency supports from SEAI.
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    Supports for SMEs

    Supports for SMEs

    The SEAI offers a range of supports to help SMEs on their energy efficiency journey.

    • Financial supports
    • Information and advisory service
    • Training supports

    For more information click here.

    Lighting Support Scheme for SMEs

    Lighting Support Scheme for SMEs

    If you are an SME with less than 250 employees and want to be more efficient with energy lighting, you could be eligible for support of up to 35% to assist your installation.

    For more information click here.

    Dublin City Council's

    Energy Performance Reporting 2017
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    108,353,907 kWh
    5.5% less than 2016


    54,690,683 kWh
    0.1% less than 2016


    23,112,961 kWh
    0.9% more than 2016

    Energy-related CO2 emissions

    38,195,601 kg CO2
    Equivalent to the amount absorbed by 229,174 trees


    Sustainable Energy Community Partnerships

    Plan for your energy future with support from SEAI. Our partnership approach enables willing communities to create their Energy Master Plan.

    One Good Idea Topics

    Ready to research? You will find lots of helpful information here on all of the One Good Idea competition topics. See what inspires you to take action!Topics and factsheets

    SEAI Sustainable Energy Communities Animation

    All around Ireland a movement of Sustainable Energy Communities is growing. Groups where everyone works together across a network to develop a sustainable energy future for the benefit of their community. It’s a national movement with over 100 groups across the country.

    Artist Séamus Dunbar part of SEAI Sustainable Energy Communities

    Séamus is an artist and an SEAI Energy Champion. He is hoping to restore the old mill in his town and develop other ways to maintain a sustainable community in County Leitrim. He is a member of our Sustainable Energy Communities network.

    The Watt Watchers Club, Huntstown Community Centre

    Huntstown Community Centre set up ‘Watt Watchers Club’ as a way of helping people in their community understand about energy savings.


    01 5240040


    Liffey Trust, 117-126 Upper Sheriff St.
    Dublin 1, Ireland.