O’Briensbridge Smart Community Plan


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This dashboard provides a collection of resources to help communities work together for a shared local development plan.

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Themed dashboards & forums. Community audit & survey tools. Training, consultancy & support.

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Contribute to your local plan. Join a local development team. Find ways you can help out locally.

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Smart Community Plan Reports

Community Stats & Visualisations

Data visualisations are based on data from “O’Briensbridge” electoral division click here

Population in 2011

Population in 2016

eTownz Community Data Hub

Click on the images below to view your local data.
Census ’16 Data related to the local economy
Census ’16 Data related to the environment
Census ’16 data related to local management
Census ’16 Data related to local wellbeing
Visualisation of Bord Failte ’16 data
Farm Census Data by electoral division
An estimated value of purchases by locals
Themed crime data provided by CSO
Breakdown of local live register data