eTownz community websites are multi-user and multi-service websites that can be tailored for the specific needs of your community.


Our sites can include events, news, noticeboards and even multi-shop marketplace to support communities as they progress to being “digital communities”

Design & Content:

We integrate local branding and imagery and provide support in the creation of key content including tourism offering and area profiles 

Ongoing Management:

We support the launch of the site and then provide training and support to effective management of the site


eTownz Community Websites allow your community to take advantage of any of the below features.


Community Online Directory

  • Organisations can manage their own listing in easy to use interface
  • Multiple filtered directories can be featured (Business, tourism, clubs, etc)
  • An optional facility to earn annual fee for listings can be implemented


Community eCommerce Marketplace

  • Any number of vendors such as local business or clubs can open a shop
  • Each vendor can manage their own shop, products, orders and payments
  • An optional facility allows for a small commission to website owner


Community News Portal

  • News can be added, categorised and commented on
  • Users can submit news for a one click display approval
  • Local news can be sent out in an email newsletter


Community Events Calendar

  • New events can be submitted to appear on the website
  • Tickets can be sold and purchased
  • Events from third party events listings can be integrated into the system


Community Noticeboard

  • Noticeboard entries can be submitted directly to the website
  • Entries can be curated, managed and categorised


Community Attractions Listings

  • Interactive profiles of key visitor attractions & activities can be created
  • Combined visitor packages with multiple vendors can be sold
  • Can be used as a marketing and sales facility for promotional & advertising campaigns


Community Arts Listings

  • Profiles of local artists, photographers and performers can be listed
  • Events tickets and works can be listed and sold
  • Local talent can be promoted inside and beyond the community

Social Media

Community Social Media Feed

  • Multiple aggregated social medias feeds from the community can be created
  • Posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can be listed
  • Individual feeds for sport, business, community updates and more can be created


Community Tools Integration

Digital tools can be integrated into the system to provide numerous facilities, such as:

  • Donations / Funding solutions
  • CRM systems
  • Accounting, subscription systems


Derek Barrett

“In early 2016, working with Clare County Council and leveraging funding from the initial REDZ (Rural Economic Development Zones) program we hired eTownz to help us with a community development initiative. The aim of the project was to help provide direction and build community capacity with respect to community and arts sectors.

We were very happy with the work provided by eTownz. The team provided a package of complimentary services to help us meet our aims.

We found eTownz to provide a professional level of service, adaptable to the needs of our community and creative in the approach and support of our actions. We would certainly recommend eTownz to other communities around Ireland and wish them the very best for the future.”

Liam McCarton

eConcepts proved themselves to be an ideal web design company for the PRCA. As a trade association, our website is our calling card. It is a major source of referrals for our members as well as being our portal to the world. Our previous website had been designed for a different era – eConcepts came in and produced a new site that meet our needs in a timely fashion without breaking the bank. In any such project, there will inevitably be a high degree of personal interaction required; the eConcepts team were professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with.

Brian Maher

eTownz have worked closely with ABC in seeing that we have a strong presence on the internet. We worked closely with Pat and the guys to set up and ensured that we got a good start as a local forum. The whole team understands the strategies required to maximise the potential of eTown initiatives. It is an ongoing process and the eTownz guys are keeping us freshened up and are constantly suggesting ways that will improve our presence online.”

Allen Meagher

“Changing Ireland is a print magazine for the community development sector in Ireland and up until recently had a relatively poor website presence. Pat and his team carefully went through our requirements for a clean, categorised, visually impressive, and easy to update site. Pat has also acted as an author in a number of articles related to the digital services and community development sector. The guys at eConcepts/eTownz provide a unique mix of skills, they are very important to our organisation and we look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

James Claffey

“Irish Rural Link is an organisation that provides various supports to communities across rural Ireland. We have worked eConcepts/eTownz for some time where they assist in the hosting of our websites and also support us in the integration of a variety of third-party tools to provide their consistent and streamlined service. We consider them to be an important extension of our team providing the digital expertise which is cognizant of the needs of the community sector.”