Hi there,

Thanks to everyone who visited the eTownz Dashboard recently and added new assets, project and goals etc.; this really helps build a robust picture of the community and is considered a vital component in any community plan. To follow up on this:

1) Follow Up From Previous Email Re Dashboard

  1. I will be in Clare in the coming weeks where I will run a workshop on how to use the dashboard for anyone would like more in-depth information.
  2. If someone has a question please email and we will do our best to help.

2) What Comes Next ?

  1. Community Survey for Locals: We have prepared the following survey and we would appreciate your help distributing it. We would like people from all cross-section of the community, all ages, abilities and background to feel like they are apart of this process. Things you could do include.
  • Send the link to popular local social media pages and ask them to share the survey form
  • Contact other local organisations and clubs, and ask them to help distribute the survey
  • Send this link to local schools and see if they can encourage local youth to contribute


  1. Facebook Page: We have set up a temporary Facebook page to help spread awareness of this community planning process. Again if you could encourage local groups to reshare and individuals to follow the page it can help improve local communications related to the community plan. https://www.facebook.com/etownzobriensbridge/
  • Database the local clubs & groups: Critical to the community plan is getting ideas from existing local clubs, groups, local public service providers and so on. We have some of them listed on the dashboard but we have not got them all. Could you please send us either an email with a list of such groups or an excel sheet with names and very short description of each and we can add them to the database

3) What Is Coming Soon ?

  1. Themed Workshops: We will shortly send out details of upcoming workshops for the town teams. The workshops will take place in October and we are just finalising dates at present.
  2. Clubs Survey: We will shortly send you out a survey specifically for local clubs and organisations so we can capture their challenges, goals and projects they are working on.  
  3. Community Workshops: We will be organising a community workshop in each community in November also, we will notify you next month on proposed dates and times for these events.

Thanks again for all your help, if you have any questions please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The eTownz Team